Back From The Mountains

Neale and I have returned to Melbourne after 3 days and 3 nights in the Victorian High Plains. We felt the cold on the first night at -2. We got lost on the second night and camped on the wrong side of a stunning valley looking at a 3 hour walk to the hut we were meant to be camping next to! That was funny! We saw wild brumbies, cows, emus, wallabies and heaps of birds. We saw a hut that was burnt down in the fires of last year…sad sight that was!

Now we prepare for another summit -a weekend at Forge summit.

2 thoughts on “Back From The Mountains

  1. Glad u had fun! Neale continues to be energized by walking. Let’s keep him motivated. Although Hayley doesn’t want him too skinny cos he won’t be cuddly any more! (By the way, did u put the ‘love calculator/star sign thingy’ on your blog or do Google?

  2. Google scan the blog for what they call “Key words” if one word comes up a few times or in a title they then stick an ad for that theme. If you write “love” enought they advertize looooove!! Bit frustrating, I have blocked a few as u can go into the system and black ban some.

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