Home again Home Again…

Adelaide was great, nice spot. The meetings with GMP my new job went ok, but they are an organisation in transition…in a big way. They are in the midst of re-birthing so to speak. After 114 years or so of mission they have decided to make some change, no before time I might add!
We are going to have some fun in this I know 🙂

Didn’t travel too well, I have a funny ear that makes me dizzy and throw up, never nice for the people around on the plane! Plus I took the midnight horror through MEL on the way over just to draw out the pain.

Saturday was a day with Steve Said and Forge intensive in which I spoke on our journey with the Joondalup Thing, went well. Felt odd, as just over the road at Subi COC was the Whitford Church in a conference and there I was not more than a couple of 100 metres aways telling of my journey in leaving them.
Went out for dinner with Matty B and Steve Said for Chinese but there was not much left after their New Years celebrations…what no yum chaa???

Today was hot…again, and took it easy with the Joondalup Thing crew over to have a Lent celebration, great time of worship and fellowship together, they left, then my sis and bro-in-law Scotty rocked up and hung for an hour, slept for a half hour, Mum and Dad dropped in for a half hour, went to the beach for an hour with the fam, home now packing my bags for my big hike next week in the Victorian Alps with me mate Neale M!

This weekend we are away with friends before I fly out Monday arvo to VIC. So it’s all go, but managing to keep some rhythms to my life, which feels great. Reading lots, might give a run down/some reviews later.


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