Often Wondering How to Make Poverty History…

I often wonder how I can stop poverty, what small part can I play? I bought a pair of denim shorts the other day (I really did need them!!) I only paid $20. I thought this was great as I could now use this saving to put towards a gift or some other use rather than spending it on a $60 pair of shorts. Then I got home and started to wonder who makes these shorts in China so that Jay Jays can sell them for $20?

I could not find anything about Jay Jays record of purchasing sweatshop made clothing. But I can tell you that abuses in sweatshops in China are alive and well.
In fact next time you put on your nice “New Balance” sports shoes…think about this [source]-


2 thoughts on “Often Wondering How to Make Poverty History…

  1. Oh man

    i did buy a pai of New Balance about 2 months ago.

    I have real bad ankles and my pediatrist and the guy at Athletes Foot both recommended the New Balance as the best care for my bad ankles.

    But now every time I put them on I’m gonna think of Factory #5, and the hypocricy of the MAKE-POVERTY-HISTORY band on my wrist…. i have been conciously looking at purchases lately cause of my interest in M.P.H, but i bought the shoes without looking cause they are doctor recommended.

  2. Jarrol you are not the only one in that predicament but I reckon there must be a way to obtain the product we need or want AND benefit the workers who made it. Not sure what that way is yet but i am going to do some thinking.

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