BHP Billton

Check out this stunning mountain range in Guinea in Africa.
A mate of mine was in the area recently doing some work when he landed upon the interesting history of this mountain.
It has thick forests all around and these huge grass capped peaks. Rare chimpanzees live in the forests, they use stone ‘tools’ – get that!
But what is this World Heritage listed land also listed as? A super-pit the size of our Kalgoorlie one. Yes, and who is going to pay off the government to turn this mountain into a hole? None other than our own Aussie BHP The Big Ugly Australian. I see some stuff on the WH site about a Rio Tinto involvement too, My my mate works for them, maybe he could do some investigations into how a world heritage site gets trimmed and shrunk by a mining company until…God forbid one day it just disappears.

See some details here


2 thoughts on “BHP Billton

  1. so i guess world heritage listing doesn’t mean too much eh?

    there’s been some corner cutting on the barrier reef as well hasn’t there???

    i mean these listings don’t mean much once money becomes involved 😦

  2. Power to the people Vawz so true re Heritage land and yes those Chimpanzees are amazing using tools in such a way!!

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