Off To Doctors

I head to the Drs in a few minutes.
I have a list (only go once every few years!)
1. Sore foot from barefoot basketball at Fire It Up camp
2. Sore elbow from trying to lift up our new fridge.
3. Sore right hand from falling off a log in QLD last May
4. Both shoulders are killing me.
5. The joints in some of my fingers feel like they are always bruised.

Aghhhh so I am 40 this year, so this is how it feels!!


9 thoughts on “Off To Doctors

  1. Almost 40 hey? I bet those afternoon naps and early nights in front of the telly are starting to look very attractive.

  2. You guys! Give an old guy a break! I now have an elbow brace, anti-inflamitory tables for my foot, a referal to a radiologist for an ultra sound on my hand, and exercises for my shoulder!
    I am also planning a week long sea kayaking expedition in Tasmania just to prove I am not old!

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