Greens To Go

Yes, rumour has it that my favorite cafe in Leederville has been sold off.
They say when another business buys a buisiness like itself (as in a cafe buys a cafe), it means that the one they bought was so much a threat to its own business the only way to beat the competition was to buy the competition.
So the cafe who bought out Greens, although some would say they are better, the West Australian might suggest Perth coffee drinkers prefer the coffee in this other cafe…the very fact that they had to buy the competition rather than beat it shows to me that in the end Greens won the best cafe in Perth award. (in my books)

130’s…what will you call Greens now…123’s?

Goodbye Greens.


2 thoughts on “Greens To Go

  1. Aaarrgghhhh!
    We’ll have to find somewhere else to have our coffee now! Where will we go? I suppose now Mel doesn’t work in Leederville anymore it’ll be Freo eh?
    See ya soon mate!

  2. Had to comment on this one…

    Firstly, Greens is hardly competition for 130’s when it comes to coffee. If you like to swill poison for fun, you get a coffee from Greens.

    Secondly, it explains why you feel like you might die everytime you walk into 130’s with the place in such bad shape that you swear the ceiling has moved a few inches since you visited yesterday with less ceiling panels. They were obviously waiting out to move premises – you hope

    Thirdly, Greens wouldn’t have to sell if it didn’t offer a less superior product. I don’t think we’re talking the levels of wheeling and dealings and take overs and mergers of the likes of Cole Myres, BHP.

    Imagine for a minute, the coffee of 130’s with the space and service of Green’s. I doubt I would ever leave.

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