5 thoughts on “Non-Violence

  1. I’ve been making less-than-spectacular attempts at the principles and practice of non-violence for several years – even facilitating community workshops on the issue, and I have to say that it has revolutionised my way of living, especially as it has been a grossly neglected discipline in my experience of evangelical Christianity, where the unashamed support for the use of violence has been a feature.

    I’m deeply aware of my own capacity for violence and of the courage, integrity and patience needed to follow through with a truly non-violent (‘shalom’/’salaam’) life.

  2. Downloaded a load of stuff from there, you’re the bomb man! Rob Bell rocks, have a couple of Nooma’s! Just listening to the second of the series now and the stats of the US, and ultimately the western culture, have really hit home hard and how that impacts on my part in being a peacemaker. Thanks heaps for the link!

  3. Thanks for pointing me to Pastor Rob Bell, really related to his sermon on non violence. For yours and others information, another good Christian blogger is…… Christian Compiliations – by igy elkhart have a look and listen to some great teaching of the WORD.

  4. Just noticed I spelt the word “compilations” wrong.
    the blogger is called………. Christian Compilations. Sorry about that.

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