Good Books – From Otherendup

Matty B is a great mate, a deep thinker and someone who challenges me in my thinking. In case you ever wondered what some of his influences are here is a list of authors he has chewed upon in recent years and I quote from Matt –

“These books have been my manna whilst in the desert, these authors have become my mentors, my pastors, my shepherds, my friends. To say that each of these books have radically impacted my life would not be an exaggeration…

“The Safest Place on Earth” Larry Crabb
“Messy Spirituality” Mike Yaconnelli
“Dangerous Wonder” Mike Yaconnelli
“Loss and Change” Peter Marris
“A Churchless Faith” Alan Jamieson
“Stages of Faith” James Fowler
“Making Room for Life” Randy Frazee
“Not Religion, but Love” Dave Andrews
“ChristiAnarchy” Dave Andrews
“To Know as we are Known” Parker J. Palmer
“The Enneagram – A christian perspective” Fr Richard Rohr
“Life Together” Dietrich Bonhoeffer
“Christ Plays in 10 Thousand Places” Eugene Peterson
“The Challenge of Jesus” N.T. Wright
“The Wounded Healer” Henri Nouwen”
“Receiving the Day” Dorothy C. Bass
“Beyond Tithing” Stuart Murray

I came across “Male Spirituality” Fr Richard Rohr some time early in 2006 and was probably the most revolutionary message i have ever heard in my life.

thank you Father for speaking to me when the world became silent. “

End quote – Thanks mate!


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