Happy New Year

Hi there and welcome to this year.
Hope your Christmas went great.
Not much to report here in Joondlaup WA, good tine with family and friends over the break.

The big news in literary circles is that Clive Hamilton (author of my #1 read for 2005 – Affluenza) is brining out 2 books in 2007, so if you are into a good read of a political, social comment nature with an environmental edge you should grab both his books this year.
The Politics of Climate Change, coming in June damns the Australian response to global warming. But before that book he and Sarah Maddison assess government tactics used to stifle independent experts, communicators, and organisations critical of government policies in Silencing Dissent (February). He is not a conspiracy type guy, his research and reporting are spot on!

Off to Fire it Up camp for a few days.


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Scott,

    I entered 2006 not really knowing a lot about blogs and how sometimes an innocent comment / question can generate a torrent of feelings (especially if that comment is made anonymously). I now enter 2007 more aware and thankful for people like yourself and Hamo (backyard missionaries) who have enabled me to examine myself and what I believe and why I believe it. It has made me stronger and more ready to enter into “friendly” debate about the things of God. All the best for the coming year and I hope to be posting more comments over the coming months

  2. Gidday to you all.
    Hope you have a lovely New Year and your commuity life increases with joy and wonder!
    Chris and All the Transfigurers
    Just Down the Road!

  3. Chris, your post had me in stitches – when I read ‘Transfigurers’ I had this immediate mental image of a 1900’s style accountancy firm staffed by cross-dressing clerks. . .

    Happy New Year Vawz.

  4. Hi Scott.

    Apologies for commenting off-topic.

    I am a PhD student studying at RMIT in the communications department. I am researching Australian religious blogs.

    I would like to interview you about your blog and the context in/from which you blog.

    If you’re interested or have more questions, please email me at paul.teusner@rmit.edu.au. I’ll email you some more detailed information about the research. You can also find out more by going to my blog at http://teusner.org/.

    Happy New Year to you too and I hope to hear from you soon.

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