Where is Scott?

It’s been a while, here is a rough run down of my life over the last couple of weeks ;

  • Thought about buying a paper diary for 2007
  • Bought a paper diary for 2007
  • Thought about applying for Ocean Reef Chaplaincy and leaving ACOM
  • Applied for job
  • Didn’t get the job
  • Still leaving ACOM some time in new year…not sure to what yet…got 2 days a week for me?
  • Thinking about being ACOM Personal Formation Director, as I love the contact with students.
  • Went down to Schoolies, loved the south west so much I went back down again last week with my kids for 3 days.
  • Read ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ – Ken Follett
  • Read ‘Jesus The Rebel’ by John Dear
  • Read ‘Rwanda’ – The history of Christianity in that nation and the genocide etc.
  • Read ‘The Lion and The Lamb’ – Manning.
  • Hung out with St Gaz doing ACOM stuff, praying and chatting.
  • Went to the beach lots
  • Lost 4 websites in a massive stuff up with server hosts!
  • Went to Whitford Christmas carols
  • Caught up with a few of the staff from Whitford, just keeping the rumour mill slow…there is always lots of interesting comments coming out from the old stomping ground about what we are doing in Joondalup…even got called a cult…seriously!!
  • Had…no… HAVING a birthday…you ask, “What did you get?” And I tell you a DeLonghi KG100Ohhhhh yes I did!! You have to guess, and I know some wont have to work hard to know what one is!
  • Bought 50 mangoes from the Derby Baptist Church
  • Went to a very interesting conference on Asset Based Community Development at Kalumunda Church of Christ.
  • Did a few weddings, with one more to go.
  • Signed up a stack of new ACOM students.
  • Bought a new fridge and lounge from Hardly Normal on one of those 24 month interest free deals…bought them on Buy Nothing Day! – Woops!
  • Went to Kings Park for a picnic when it was 38 degrees.
  • Caught up with Johno from LJBC.
  • Saw my kids in some great end of year school concerts.

Love yaz.


6 thoughts on “Where is Scott?

  1. It is usually filled with wood work stuff, but sad to say it is filled with my mother-in-law’s gear from her house at the moment as she is moving house and is going to live with us for…a while 🙂

  2. left one thing off your list.

    – flooded my blog by putting a heap of stuff up in 1 day.

    had to make up for time spent elsewhere huh??

    🙂 welcome back

  3. jaz, looks like I may have something fun up my sleve, but if that not happen, it would be an honour to work with you…not sure how you would pay me! I guess I would have to make my own money…on the printing press!!

  4. Thanks for making it to Kings Park – great to catch up even if only for a limited time. 42 back in Para today – big change from the 10-20s back in Ballarat

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