Quotes From Rudd

Here is a good few words from the article linked in my post below…

...the Gospel is both a spiritual Gospel and a social Gospel, and if it is a social Gospel then it is in part a political Gospel, because politics is the means by which society chooses to exercise its collective power. In other words, the Gospel is as much concerned with the decisions I make about my own life as it is with the way I act in society. It is therefore also concerned with how in turn I should act, and react, in relation to the state’s power. This view derives from the simple principle that the Gospel which tells humankind that they must be born again is the same Gospel which says that at the time of the Great Judgement, Christians will be asked not how pious they have been but instead whether they helped to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and visit the lonely. In this respect, the Gospel is an exhortation to social action. Does this mean that the fundamental ethical principles provide us with an automatic mathematical formula for determining every item of social, economic, environmental, national-security and international-relations policy before government? Of course not. What it means is that these matters should be debated by Christians within an informed Christian ethical framework. It also means that we should repudiate the proposition that such policy debates are somehow simply “the practical matters of the state” which should be left to “practical” politicians rather than to “impractical” pastors, preachers and theologians. This approach is very much in Bonhoeffer’s tradition…. more here


2 thoughts on “Quotes From Rudd

  1. This article is bloody brillant… strong links to sentiments of Jim Wallis. Solid Gold all of it! Maybe if I had heard something of that kind from FF (our good ole Australian religious indorsed political party) I would have voted for them!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I will look forward with interest to see the policies that come from the labour party over the coming months with Kevin Rudd at the helm.

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