Interesting Theories

Some time ago I made some comments on a book I had read called In Praise of Slow, also a book called Making Room For Life.
Someone recently made some random type comments on a post I had made which I thought were spam at first glance, But upon reading a bit and having my attention caught I followed a link to read more on thetopic of a fast ‘thinking’ society being a destructive one as compared to a ‘feeling’ society.
Here are some of the key points proposed in what is a fairly academic read, but interesting non-the-less…

(1) A thinking species destroys the planet.
(2) Animals lived on earth for billions of years (in very large numbers)
without destroying nature.
(3) They did not destroy nature because their thinking / activity was
limited to searching for food for one time only.
(4) Man has existed on earth in large numbers for only a few thousand
years / a few hundred years.
(5) Within this short period Man has destroyed the environment.
(6) This destruction took place because of Man’s thinking.
(7) When man thinks he makes things.
(8) When he makes things he kills animals / trees / air / water / land.
( Nothing can be made without killing these five elements of nature ).

(9) A thinking species destroys the planet.

I am not sure the writer is suggesting we should all stop thinking, but is looking at IQ v’s EQ and the like.
Not a bad read!


2 thoughts on “Interesting Theories

  1. Not having read the book I’ll now presume to comment. . .

    I reckon that ‘thinking’ is only half the problem. Thinking is comparatively recent, and thinking about thinking (metacognitive) is more recent still – but a positive step. The very fact that it is possible to recognise the consequences of thinking without foresight means that we may one day approach a situation where our ability to cogitate no longer results in wholesale destruction. Whether we can acheive that before we mess things up too much is another questions. (As is the question of whether enough people can think ‘positively’ soon enough to provide the critical mass of future-type thinkers needed to accomplish any change).

    I’m not holding my breath.

  2. whoa grendel thanks for the headspin!

    thinking about thinking about thinking! You sure made me think to get what you were saying ;-P

    I wonder if thinking is only one aspect, actually caring is probably another!

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