In Case You were Wondering

If you have your own grinder (Like I plan to one day), or even if you use real coffee that is already ground and wonder what to do with it, where to store it etc…

  • Grind only as much coffee as you need at a time — ground coffee deteriorates quickly.
  • If you do have ground coffee left over, store it in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark place.
  • Don’t store it in the fridge or freeze it — that it’ll keep fresher there is “an old wives’ tale”, according to experts from our espresso machine test. Unless the container is absolutely airtight, the ground coffee will attract moisture that’ll make it go stale quicker in the fridge, and it’ll absorb odours from other food.
  • Coffee needs to be at room temperature so it won’t cool the water as it flows through the grind.
  • Don’t keep beans in the grinder, store them in an airtight container. Clean the bean container and ground coffee chamber regularly to remove any residual oils that can go rancid.

There you go


6 thoughts on “In Case You were Wondering

  1. Ahhh my mother insists on freezing the coffee. Though we don’t grind it ourselves.

    Maybe it doesn’t matter if it’s just the off the shelf junk 😛

  2. ive worked in several cafes in my short lifetime and there are many different opionions on storing coffee. Dome follow the rule (as far as i know they still do) of leaving their coffee in the fridge overnight. While Gloria Jeans dont. I still think Dome coffee is far better than the Gloria Jeans watery crap. I would not store my coffee in a fridge though because the condensation ruins the beans.

  3. Yes since finding the truth about coffee I’ve become quite disenchanted with most ‘chain’ coffee joints, especially Gloria Jeans.

    We do have one growing chain here in Qld called Zarraffa’s, which have a local roasting center on the Gold Coast and provide freshly roasted beans to their stores regulary. I may just ask how they store them next time I’m grabbing a cup o joe!

  4. Ahhh grasshoppers, listen to the Wisdom of the Vawz for he has found the true path.

    No Freezer for you!

    I use one-way valve pouches for coffee I want to store for longer than a week and paper gusset bags for coffee I intend to use within a few days. As a home roaster I don’t have many freshness issues but remember them well from my pre-roasting days.

  5. Some smart bum decided to cool down their can of Pepsie in the work freezer, and forgot about it.

    Someone came in Monday morning to find a burst can and the frozen contents all over the freezer.

    Some poor uneducated sod had also stored their coffee in the freezer, which seems to now have a distinct Pepsie flavour.

    Another reason not to put your grind in the freezer!

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