Coffee Grinders

I’m looking for things to add to my list of Christmas presents for Santa Claus to get me. (He/She normally only gets me one thing off the list mind you!!)
One of things I want to add to my list is a coffee grinder.
Choice Mag did a great survey of the many grinders available to the general public in November last year.

In brief this is what they said –

  • Half of the coffee grinders on test, including the two cheapest, couldn’t produce coffee ground finely enough to make espresso using two different types of espresso makers.
  • Two models produced a very fine grind and are very easy to use … and they’re not the most expensive either.
  • While some grinders are very easy to use, others make so much mess that they’ll probably end up at the back of the cupboard rather than in regular use.

So what grinders do they recommend?

I don’t know – you HAVE TO BUY THE REPORT!!!

It’s only $12 but I thought someone out there may have access to this site, or have bought the magazine and might tell me the results…please?


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