Christ in the Centre

In my constant thinking about how we ‘do’ church and what it is we are all about as a group who gather together and live in proximity in Joondalup I often catch myself thinking about the cetrality of Christ.
At a Forge intensive I heard from Alan Hirsch about the order of things; Christ, then Mission, then church. Again while reading his new blog I read the following

In my new book, I have devoted a section to the exploration of the absolute and abiding role of Jesus in the life of faith and in the Christian community. I will eventually get to blogging around the book more systematically, but needless to say that I am now absolutely convinced that in order to ‘(re)find ourselves’ at any given point in time, we need to return to Jesus and constantly line ourselves up with what he was on about. He is the Founder after all.
…Here’s what I think: Christianity minus Jesus equalls religion. And this happens in more churches than we are given to believe.

These are thoughts I need to ponder further. Just how close to the epicentre of my life and being is the person of Christ?


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