Another Fall From Grace

Like you and I, it seems Ted Haggard is a sinner too! Only this guys fell from a much heigher place than the average Christian. He was the voice for 33 million evangelicals in USA. It is sad and this article in Out of Ur , McDonnald, who is not immune to public scandal himself, writes sensitively and gracefully.
Here is a quote – (the full article is here)

I’’ve spent more than a little time trying to understand how and why some men/women in all kinds of leadership get themselves into trouble whether the issues be moral, financial, or the abuse of power and ego. I am no stranger to failure and public humiliation. From those terrible moments of twenty years ago in my own life I have come to believe that there is a deeper person in many of us who is not unlike an assassin. This deeper person (like a contentious board member) can be the source of attitudes and behaviors we normally stand against in our conscious being. But it seeks to destroy us and masses energies that “unrestrained” —tempt us to do the very things we “believe against.”” If you have been burned as deeply as I (and my loved ones) have, you never live a day without remembering that there is something within that, left unguarded, will go on the rampage. Wallace Hamilton once wrote, “Within each of us there is a herd of wild horses all wanting to run loose.”

Yahoo News article here


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