That Would Be an Interesting View!

In cinemas from November 2

Andrew Denton’s debut theatrical film release is the documentary God On My Side. It charts what Andrew found when he attended the National Religious Broadcasters’ Convention in Texas earlier this year – the cutting edge of evangelical technology, the business of God, the America of the religious right, and what the inescapable truths of the Bible mean for US foreign policy and the Middle East. With his trademark wit and empathy, this is a powerful piece of filmmaking that will resonate in these increasingly religious times.


3 thoughts on “That Would Be an Interesting View!

  1. Really looking forward to seeing this one.

    Andrew Denton was interviewed about it on channel 10’s “9am” show this morning. He seems to give a fair and balanced critique to what he observed at the NRBC, sharing his concerns without stereotyping the whole of Christianity.

    He also made comments which showed his awareness of the true heart of Christianity, so he seems aware that the NRBC doesn’t represent the heart of the Christian church as a whole (thank God!).

  2. Hey Vaws, I too am really interested in seeing this doco. From what I saw last week on Sunrise and heard this week on radio, channel 10, etc. I think it would be very interesting. Denton has an amazing way of viewing things, and articulating his thoughts, which often give those of us in the thick of Christendom a blast of reality. Now that he’s talking about our life, as I say, should be interesting.

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