My New Baby

She is a GT200 – Vespa 2006. As yet she has no name. Would you like to help name her? Go for it! Let the best name win!

See my little “L” plate!!

Just quietly…I can’t ride the thing yet. Can you imagine just how frustrating this is. But Scotty (bro in law) and I went for an “L” run to Mindarie boat harbour last Friday, so it got some of it out of my system!
I am ringing the licencing department 4 times a day to try and jag an earlier booking than January!


12 thoughts on “My New Baby

  1. hmmm it would have to be a french name wouldn’t it???



    I’m sure the way you ride the name would need to be refined and elegant??

    How bout Paris?? :-p

  2. How about “Sofia” with an Italian accent…seeing it is a vespa.

    Another one might be “Gina” as in Gina Lola Brigitta

  3. what about, vesna the vespa? hehe.
    plus why does it have to be a chicks name? why not call it “the beast” or “the little beast”?

  4. ahhh italian my bad….

    Maria? Sonja? Suzie?

    True doesn’t have to be a girls name…. so maybe Mario?? Michaelangelo??? Carmen??

  5. if you would like a name though, call her “V”. V for Voluptuous vespa. that works and sounds cool.

    pay me later!!!

  6. whenever i think italian chick names – belle, or bella comes to mind. if its a bloke – fabio
    not sure if he was italian though.
    vesna the vespa
    or the beast
    their all my votes

  7. Jarrol, yes, you were wrong about the origin of the Vespa, but I must say, I did like Jacqueline best of all. I could call her Jacq for short. It sounds a bit more masculine.
    My wive was having some issues with me refering to ‘Climbing on and riding’ a lady…sounds a bit like some kind of adulerous affair. She is asking questions about who I would prefer to spend time with, the Vespa in the shed or her!!
    But unless a better name comes up, I think I will go with Jarrol’s name – Jacqueline, Jacq or just Jacqie!

  8. How about,

    On the licence thing, my mate had the same problem, and rung up Rockingham licencing centre and got a test the next day!!

  9. yeah sorry i must have watched one too many snoopy cartoon… those scooters were always used in relation to the french in those cartoons!

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