Launch Of Churchlands SHS Alumni

Yesterday at 4.30pm I attended my old high school’s alumni launch.
I sat with Paul Latham (I think he would go into my 10 most influencial people list!), he was the school principal whilst I was a student there. He was there for many years until his retirement. His is now 80 years old, but still looks the same as he did at school, he is amazing, as alert as ever. What a great pricipal he was. He saw me (20 years on mind you!) and called out accross the car park, “Aghh it’s Head Boy Scott Vawser!” Now I am sure I was not the only head boy he knew! What a memory!
The other person I sat with was Geoff Parker. He started at Churchlands as a Phys Ed teacher but has been teaching Maths for many years now. He has been at the school for 40 years!!! Yes that is 40! He is so very well known and respected there.
The only other person there from my year was my mate Shane, he helped with the reunion last year.
Eric Ripper (former student and current WA Treasurer) was the guest speaker, Richard Pengelly was the MC, he was very good! A few former students were welcomed into the ‘hall of fame’ kind of thing.

If you went to Churchlands High or know someone who did the send them to the website to register for the alumni association.


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