I have 3 girls, the oldest of whom is almost 11 and starting to be effected by all the ads and the images thrown at her by the media. This little clip as weel as the many other truth telling images near it on utube blow away some of the perceptions.
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5 thoughts on “Image

  1. Hi mate, great video and so true, perception is everything and understanding how perceptions are created is key to uncovering truth.

    One question, how do you get these YouTube links to work using wordpress, so far I can’t seem to get them to work, when I put in the embedded link I just get a blank square.



  2. Nadia, yes I have seen this site. It is very powerful. I think guys and girls need to see some of these media image lies exposed so they don’t get sucked into thinking that everyone ‘out there’ looks like a model all the time and that they have to live up to this expectation!

  3. I’ve been running a programme for girls 11-17yrs every Wednesday. We looked at the magazine website one week, they loved it but they all said the girl wasn’t that pretty before all the touch ups.

    How sad that we judge that person because she wasn’t perfect, and yet we want the media to give us ‘real women, men’ etc

  4. hey that is a great clip.

    it reminds me of a pic i saw of some friends in front of the hollywood sign. i commented on how clear the hills looked in the background. they laughed and said that that was a fake screen you stand in front of. the real hills are too smoggy to see!

    both the film clip and the hollywood pics were illusions!

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