The Hand of God

Well it looks like the hand of God stepped in shut down all the nasty sweary conversation on the post entitled “Everything Sucks”.
Blogger seemed to have some global problems last night/yesterday but this comments problem seems to be different from that as I still can’t get in to read the comments on that post.
So if you were one participating in what was looking to be a hot topic on swearing christians and pharisees…then you’ve missed out…we’ve all grown up and moved on…and bloody well have much more important things to talk about…woops…sorry couldn’t help it 🙂

POST SCRIPT – Aghhh, yes, with much repentance and forgiveness between brothers the Lord has returned the comments section to “Everything Sucks” post (below) – so much love on my blog…so much love! 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Hand of God

  1. I wouldn’t worry – I was just a bunch of Anonymotists swearing and not-swearing at each other about coffee and whether those who drink Nescafe can really be saved.


  2. I made a comment i got in i must be special??? well im off too bed.
    why dont we all hug and sing coom by ah????

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