Everything Sucks

Went for my bike licence today…felt like a kid. I have always hated test situations, I lose everything I ever was taught when I sit a test I go dumb…ok dumber!!
I get on the bike, forget where he told me to go, sped too fast, failed the test… I pick up a new scooter tomorrow that I now can’t ride till January when I have a second chance at this BLOODY licence.
Today, everything sucks…shutup…make a comment and I will make one back…even nastier…you are ugly!


33 thoughts on “Everything Sucks

  1. ouch mate!

    that sucks.

    bugger bugger bugger…

    i am also fed up at the moment partly because because the clown who I bought my laptop off hasn’t delivuered it (now 4 weeks later) and I am consigned to the kids playroom.

    still – if these are the worst problems we deal with we are a blessed people (i try to telll myself each day I wait…)


  2. did i ever tell you that i failed my automatic driver’s test the first time i went for it?

    poo… bum… crap…

    trust me, between now and january, you will enjoy the many rides up and down rannoch rise (and the many adjoining culdesacs ๐Ÿ˜‰ on your brand new GT200 – bloody hell vawz, LET’S NOT FORGET – YOU OWN A BRAND NEW VESPA!!!!!!! love ya

  3. bummer. gee back in my day. you could fail your test and book in for the next week…none of this three months stuff ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. Failed mine twice before I got it. Keep focussed on the VESPA.

    If you check regularly for any cancellations you can often get an earlier test.

    BIG Dave


  5. grendel, i have a 1968 150 Super for sale that has just had an engine rebuild and is a dream to ride.

    i’ll ride it to our roasting session

  6. Oh yes, it’s roasting session for the boys tonight hey. Maybe i could come up on my new Vespa…oh poo, no I can’t unless someone rides with me who has had their licence for more than 4 years…Matt…come on..you must FEEEL like you have had it for 4 years…”But officer my friend Matt here sure feels like it’s been 4 years!” no?

    Oh by the way, I have a close relative who reads my blog from time to time. She..or he shall remain nameless…but she or he is concerned about the gutter language being used on this blog.
    There has been a Bloody, a crap, a bloody hell, some buggers, a poo, bum and another crap, a sucks, and the word ugly…defamitory for sure!
    (Maybe Lance (not Lance J) should drop in and make a few comments too!)
    But I will say one thing. Most of the language is centred around bottom parts and functions and disfunctions…just an observation.

    So please watch your language on my blog, it’s really starting to piss me off…
    can you say that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I know we aren’t perfect and yes at times everything does suck but when did it become ok for us as Christians to use profanity (and the last time I checked b….y was still a swear word) as normal language.

  8. Dear Anonymous (at 3.44) – I guess by profane you meant definition #5 below, it could be #2 or #3 as a lot of the references were to a holey (as in bottom)…aghhh bad humour! Definitely #5 common, vulgar!

    1. characterized by irreverence or contempt for God or sacred principles or things; irreligious.
    2. not devoted to holy or religious purposes; unconsecrated; secular (opposed to sacred).
    3. unholy; heathen; pagan: profane rites.
    4. not initiated into religious rites or mysteries, as persons.
    5. common or vulgar.

    But my big question, seriously is
    Please define “OK”
    As in ‘when did it become “OK”…’
    Is Damn a swear word?

    Maybe just score each one out of 10 please, 10 being nasty for a Christian 1 being like super Christian.
    Then after scoring please give a morality score to the person who would really sit and decide all of the above…10 being super pharisee 1 being Jesus…

    Now didn’t I warn you all that this was my “bight your butt post”, that if you dared to comment on this particular post I would call you ugly!!!

    Please add Butt and Ugly to the above list of ‘swear words’…

    Just another thing…while I am in a stink, I wonder why people who write anonymous comments can’t just sign their name, of at least an initial at the bottom of their comments, it just makes all this rude talk feel more personal, see Big Dave above as an example, thanks so much for your time to post on my pleasant blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh…please add “stink” to the list of bad words above

  9. i have just come home Mr Vawz after riding your Vespa Grantourismo GT200 back to your place for the very first time.

    it is an experience i am thankful for – what an amazing machine; one that you will grow to appreciate more and more as the days turn into months and then years.

    as for some people’s problem with bottom words, and the choice to vent their opinions behind gutless anonymity, well all i can say is learn how to relax a bit more – practise learning how to “take no offense” – life would be so much more pleasurable for you if you learned how to care less about other people’s mistakes and what others think of you.

    life is good – in fact, life is BLOODY GOOD! and sometimes it takes a good swear word to express the situation just right.

    smile – God loves you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Bloody brilliant coffee roasting session Vawz – you missed a good one.

    My old Black and Decker popper looks like a piece of crap next to Otherendup’s Mistral though.

  11. I always find it interesting that people will post anonymously.

    What does this say?…

    They don’t actually hold to the strength of their convictions?

    The swearing issue is such a frustrating one.

    I often wonder who the word police are who can determine if ‘crap’ is ok and ‘bloody’ isn’t. And is it less offensive to write ‘bl—y’ than ‘bloody’?

    Some (my mum) would consider ‘suck’ as offensive…

    Of course good Christians say ‘fudge’ rather than …. and ‘bloomin’ rather than ….

    Much nicer!

    Surely we can’t draw black and white lines so easily.


  12. Geez…..3 months! Certainly puts the pressure on for next time…..
    Broady (not the previous anonymous, just can’t seem to register properly!)

  13. ahhh mate bad luck.

    I’ve just been through all this with my father, going for his heavy ridged truck license… thank goodness he got it… i don’t think i could have put up with him for another 3 months!!!

    Oh and on all the ‘bottom’ word nonsense… it’s all just verbal diarrhea ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. Sometimes we post anonymously because posting anonymously irritates people.

    Or maybe it is because some people respond differently or more cautiously when they know you are.

  15. I reckon swear words are so much determined by context, body language, tone and most importantly….intent as what they are by the words uttered, or typed.

    I wonder if some words which by themself seem quite innocuous, are actually quite offensive if used in the wrong intent.

    And vice versa.

    Therefore I choose to think the best of people when possible, and give as much grace to them as I would like to receive, and have in fact already recieved.

    Anonymous posting sucks, if you wont or cant put your name to it, dont say it. Its gutless.

  16. Well I guess that seeing as I caused so much controversy with my “Anonymous” comment, I’m going to introduce myself. Let’s just say that posting Anonymously was never intentional but obviously caused issues with some people. One question – if this discussion was face-to-face and not on the net, would you still call me gutless then? My original intention was never to offend or judge so if you took it that way I apologise, it was just to highlight a bigger problem I see now days and yes, one I still have problems with, of “Being in the world and not of the world”. I guess the language issue struck a chord that day.

  17. Language, its cultural, you speak to comunicate at all levels? swearing, what is swearing? is it “of this world” or simply a way of communicating frustration?? better said than done maybe? lets take the word SHIT, its original meaning was ship high in transit? now is it a swear word???? many words different meanings. I think its the way we voice our words which is important? and yes there is a time and a place which is appropriate for all thins? shit I mean things!!

  18. Brendan Jacques – Welcome, it’s great to finally meet you. Thanks for introducing yourself to us. To me at least it does make a difference.
    The urban ledgend about S.H.I.T. things was in the movie Kenny.
    Very funny movie…bit of language sometimes.

  19. Mentalfocus – what a pleasure to have your fine comments on my blog, it’s been a while.
    Sorry I didn’t get back to your the other day. When u rang I was just picking up the mighty GT200…not even a good mate was going to pull me away from that!!
    Talk soon!

  20. good grief! can we give brendan a break here?
    (vawz, the words you listed really arent that bad! i thought the list may have been a bit more controversial, but its pretty boring) I give brendan credit. i agree, bad language is of the world! Language is one of those blurry lines however, like drinking, it can get hazy for any christian.
    i wonder how far we push the line that we no longer realise how far we have gone with our language or with drinking. im not trying to bring up any other issues here, just trying to say that cant we give brendan a little grace? whether he is annonymous or not?
    as a chick i choose not to swear as its really unladylike and i hate chicks with a foul mouth.
    also, i dont like to replace words, such as jeez, gosh, whatever as i know it is just a coverup of what is really intended.
    call me a nerdy christian, goody twoshoes, i dont care!

  21. Good on ya Bek, I was feeling a bit sorry for poor old Brendan too!! We all came down a bit heavey on him for being anonymous, heck (can u say heck?) he is not the first person to post as anonymous!

  22. its not a matter of whether your allowed or not, its a matter of who you follow and and if your aiming to be just like them.
    God didnt say “Dont swear” he set an example, and thats what i try to follow – doesnt always happen, im not perfect, but its what i aim for.
    ive made a decision about my language and what not, and thats my choice. im not going to make that decision for someone else. what you do is your choice

  23. Well Bek i would have to agree with you, ladies should never swear its just not right? But when your with a group of tradesmen whether they are plumbers, sparkys or what ever some times the odd swear word may come out in jest? however this may just be cultural? i have some friends who are gruff but have a huge heart for Jesus, the sort of blokes who would go to war for him if needed.

    No matter what you say its how you say it!!!! you can say to your mate get stuffed in a funny way or you can say GET STUFFED in a malice way?? Yes your right its all about choice?

  24. One more addittion to the swearing conversation, The Bible talks about not taking Jesus name in vain, but it doesn’t metion how we should handle the various names for bums or poo.

    It’s probably more about attitude mostly, and what we say in anger.

    Just a thought, let’s face it 50 years ago saying the word Crap or Bloody was a crime that you could be Chraged with and fined in a court of law. Language is pretty subjective….

  25. hey bek, i’m a chick with a foul mouth. do you hate me?

    ps. definiately staying anonymous in case you say yes.

  26. pps. my guess, bek, is that you don’t actually hate me. you were just being a bit slack with the words you use.
    how ironic ;>

  27. Sorry, my bad. I meant to say “I hate IT when chicks have a foul mouth.”
    Why would I hate you?
    sorry i shoulda phrased it better
    pps. i think someones a little defensive

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