Eating and Drinking!

I get the Bulletin, it’s a good read, I thought this was a great article –

Move over gen X and Y – a new social group has taken over. They are what they eat, and that’s OK with them.

According to consumer behaviourists Ross Honeywill and Verity Byth, about four million Australian are creating a new economic order. For that reason they’ve dubbed them the Neos. The Neos and their “consumption arousal” is changing society – Neos and Evolvers (those who have Neo traits but are not yet spending enough to qualify) account for 77% of discretionary spending, while in a parallel universe the Traditionals, whose numbers are greater, account for the remaining 23%.

Honeywill and Byth believe the old descriptors such as gen X or Y, baby boomers or the AB demographic no longer give the full picture. They’re as different as chalk and cheese. And nothing focuses a Neo’s consumption lust quite like food.

Following is an edited extract from Neo Power: How the new economic order is changing the way we live, work and play.

For Traditionals, food is fuel. For Neos, you are not only what you eat, but how you eat. Eating and drinking are a celebration of the passage of the day…READ MORE HERE


One thought on “Eating and Drinking!

  1. Mmmmm. 77% of discretionary spending? I’d like to see them justify that? What comes under this category? Nintendo? etc.

    While I agree with the gist of the story in terms of the identification of a significant social movement I question the magnitude of the claims made.

    Looking through most suburbs I see Coles and Woolies and Target and Big W etc. and many people spending, spending, spending there. I see a few of the boutique type realities around. Increasing. . .yes. But relatively small on the whole. the bulk of the population seems to be anchored in suburbia.

    What does this mean? To reach the masses, one must reach those who frequent Big W.

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