So Much For Emerging Church

Truth Exposed.
The Joondalup Thing
moves to cult-like status with the mighty erection of a new ‘temple’.
Donations of $100 000 or more are tax deductible.
Make cheques out to “Church of Scot”!!
Donations to the model in the picture are welcome also…she tells me she has 14 hungry children! (She has a skinny looking husband who could do with beefing up a bit too!) They are members of TJT, they were accepted in a vote last week after donating their Yacht and beach house in the Greek Islands to our cause…things are looking up 🙂


One thought on “So Much For Emerging Church

  1. amazing to see joondalup grow. i remember back when it was nothing. we almost moved there to start a church [at least we thought of it] like a pioneer family.

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