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Ok, if you are into conspiracy theory type movies this one has got to take the cake!!
Loose Change – 9/11 Cover Up
Other link here
It’s well done, it’s free and it’s downloadable (if you have a few hours to leave your computer downloading it).
There are many things the US have to answer for, and if even 10% of this movie is right they now have to answer for a whole lot more!
You can download it in a few formats, I used the Google Video version.

And of course in this age of blogging and free speech there is a blog dedicated to smashing the theories in the video…someone spoiling all the fun!

Thanks to Tim from Warnbro for the movie tip…Tim, do you really think the moon landing was filmed in a movie lot in the Arizona desert??


One thought on “More Movie Comments (see posts below)

  1. G’day Scott – check out a movie called “Yesterday” – it’s really good, (in a disturbing, challenging kind of way!) My wife got it from the local rental place so it’s readily available. Tells the story of a woman who lives in a rural village in Sth Africa, struggling to deal with being HIV positive and raising a young daughter. Doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs and it’s not, but it’s beautifully constructed and well worth a watch – particularly in teh light of the Micah challenge and the Millenium development Goal relating to health and HIV action etc.

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