More Movie Talk

(see post below for more detail)
I just received 2 free tickets from Oxfam for Cave of the Yellow Dog. It was directed by Mr Weeping Camel.
This movie is distributed by Hopscotch films who are a group to look out for when looking for quality ‘make you think’ type movies.
here is a list of movies associated with Hopscotch

White Masai
Wah Wah
Kanyini People say this has the power to change Australia’s social and political climate”
Bowling For Columbine*
Fahrenheit 9/11*
God on My Side (Andrew Denton’s new award winning movie – a MUST see I think) Joyeux Noel
Live and Become*
My House in Umbria
Touching The Void*
What the Bleep do We Know (Down the Rabbit Hole)*
Born Into Brothels


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