King Of The Mountain Gone!

Not only have we lost legend Aussie Irwin, but now Peter Brock, “King of The Mountain” (Mt Pannorama) has been killed just up the road (well 40 minutes) from where I live in a rally today!
Story here


2 thoughts on “King Of The Mountain Gone!

  1. i can’t explain my feelings about all thats gone on this week.

    shock and disbelief, yet a realisation that you can’t argue with what God’s got planned…

    can’t believe they are gone, yet they are only human and humans die every day.

    i guess i can explain my feelings a bit – it’s total confusion…

    all i know is that my heart is going out to the families, especially the Irwin kids…

  2. Sports Chaplaincy Australia has asked us to remember…

    -The Brock family
    -Kim Van Keule who was the Chaplain present at the Targa WA race. He has been ministering to the family and many race officials involved.
    -Terry Dorrington who is assisting with the Co-Driver and officials
    -Garry Coleman and his team as they provide debriefing and God’s love
    -Mark Bateman and others who are in contact with the Brock family and friends in Melbourne
    -Race officials, CAMS officials and others involved in Motor Sports
    God’s mercy and comfort for the entire motor sports family
    -Healing and transformation in peoples lives over the coming days and months

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