Organic Church

Hamo loaned me the recent book by Neil Cole – The Organic Church, I would have to say that it caught my heart. Sometimes u read something and it is nice or just ‘quite good’ other times you read something and it resonates right where your heart beats, this was one of those reads. I think I will read it again just to let it soak in.
Here’s a quote I liked –

“I believe we are leaveing the day of the ordained and ushering in the day of the ordinary.”
(pg 215)

Ordinary…that’s me! I like it.


5 thoughts on “Organic Church

  1. I’ll need to add that to my “to-Read” list. Sounds good so far with that one quote and you and Hamo’s recommendation.

  2. I think I’m too scared to read this one. I’m sure it will make my head spin. I’ll get Neale to read it first- then he can talk me thru it. Grappling issues for a girl who likes the familiar & secure.

  3. Sound like my wife! But lately she has been scaring me by going down paths that…well you can ask when you stay over on the Hols!

  4. great book hey!

    One of my fave quotes: ‘If you’re going to win the world for Christ you’re going to need to sit in the smoking section’

    Ah… music to my ears!

    The call to Christians to re-inhabit the worlds we have so often vacated.


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