Something For 2007?

I know, I know, like you want to travel east for a conference, especially after the bagging conferences have been getting of late! But this looks like a hotty! Plus if you are a Uni or Bible college student it comes with recognised credit.

A note from the Principal –
There are a number of things about ACOM which distinguish it from other ministry training colleges. One aspect is our curriculum. Since 2002, ACOM’s curriculum has drawn increasingly on the insights we believe missiology has for informing the practice of Christian ministry. Our current round of curriculum revision increases this priority on mission in a way that will place ACOM at the forefront – on a world scale – of thinking about missional theology and assisting
our students to be missional. While we will continue to strongly ground students in biblical and theological subject areas, it is also our desire to develop a missional curriculum that equips our students to be effective in the 21st century context.
The current review will see the phased introduction of subjects written from a missional perspective, over the next few years, commencing 2008. Already, we have been working hard in this area, consulting with local and international specialists, as well as strengthening our staff’s expertise in this field. To that end, our academic team has had input from three North American visitors this year: (1) Brian McLaren, who is regarded as one of the world leaders in 21st century paradigm and practice for churches; (2) Prof. Guy Saffold, who is Vice-President of Trinity Western University in Canada, which also has a consortium of theological schools; and, recently, (3) John Franke, Professor of Theology at Biblical Seminary in Philadelphia – John is a
world leader in developing missional theology with a view to more effective training for life-long learners in mission.
In consulting with all these specialists, we’ve discovered that ACOM is ahead of most other institutions in implementing a missional curriculum for the 21st century. All the more reason to thank God and continue our prayerful dependence on him.

Stephen Hinks (Principal of ACOM)

2 thoughts on “Something For 2007?

  1. Brian McLaren (in my highly biased opinion) is one of the most important popular communicators of theologians that have shaped my ministry. John H. Yoder, N.T. Wright and Walter Wink are all made digestible by Brian. If I wasn’t going to be running workshops with John Dear at the same time, I’d be in Sydney to hear Brian. If others aren’t going to be in Perth to hear John Dear, I’d recommend being in Sydney to hear Brian.

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