Guilty or Innocent? Ciaron O’Reilly

Good Law breaking has led to good law making” is something Ciaron O’Reilly reminded Hack/JJJ of in an interview a year ago on the programme. Found here.

I posted on Ciaron some time ago and also placed a few other articles and MP3’s on that post.

Ciaron was acquitted this week, declared unanimously as an innocent man along with the rest of the crew who were “beating swords into ploughshares” after 3 years of mistrials. The jury has said that it was OK to do damage to the tune of $2.5M to a war machine that has assisted or contributed to the deaths of 2500 US soldiers, 10 000 soldiers have lost arms, legs and sanity and 150 000 Iraqis have been killed.

The Irish government now has a job on their hands! Do they continue to support a war that Koffee Annan has declared illegal, the Pope immoral and most war strategists have said is unwinnable!

Last nights Hack programme had a small section on Ciaron right at the end, have a listen. is the website…but until next time, it’s all over!


3 thoughts on “Guilty or Innocent? Ciaron O’Reilly

  1. wasn’t this “finding” fan-bloody-tastic? I’m drinking Guinness in honour of the judges. (Mind you I was drinking it before, but, now I have yet another excuse!)

    I’ve got a transcript here, Scotty (if you don’t already have it) of an interview Ciaron did on ABC Radio National on Easter Friday 2005.

    Like a copy? It was one of the best interviews I’ve heard Ciaron give. Unlike his less than optimal performance with Denton a couple of weeks ago.

  2. and in light of the Dublin decision, let’s spare a thought for Jim Dowling, Adele Goldie, Bryan Law and Donna Mulhearn (The Pine Gap 4) who now face trial in the Northern Territory Supreme Court in Alice Springs on October 3, 2006 for conducting a “citizen’s inspection” of the US military base at Pine Gap.

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