More Shark Bay Story

When is Shark Bay we visited a new visitor centre called the interpretive centre in the main drag at Denham. It covered the history, the environment, the stories, the indigenous people, the local industry and so much more.
One of my favorite things in life are maps…yes, it’s a strange hobby/fascination I have. I love old maps and the stories they tell, I have bought a few, been given a real valuable one and love to stand and stare at old maps in any place I can find them.
We went to the peal farm floating off the coast at Monkey Mia, there was a stunning old map inside there, but then when we visited the interpretive centre there was a feast of maps but also the following quote –

Aboriginal landscapes breath with the spirits of ancestors, their presence is celebrated in story and song to conserve place community culture and identity. In contrast, the newcomers to Australia used maps to trace territory and claim possession.”


“What a map cuts up a story cuts across”
Michael de Certeau – 1905


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