Check This Guy Out!

Never before has there existed a generation of Australian young people who are so sexually damaged and broken. And is it any wonder when the 21st century western world has become so sexualised and sex-obsessed that pornography is now readily accessible in nearly every home in the nation via the click of a button? Young people are assulted daily by a sex-satuarated culture that encourages sexual expression and experimentation in the obsessive quest for self-satisfaction and fleeting intimacy.

Adrian Rowse from Melbourne and his wife Chelsea are pioneers of Roundabout ministries, ministring to this sexualy broken generation.

Adrian is coming to Perth!

He is available for your youth and young adult ministries on these dates:
  • Saturday 29th July
  • Tues 1, Wed 2, Thurs 3 August
  • Sat 5 & Sun 6 August and
  • Mon 7 August

I have just previewed his promo DVD and the content looks great! He is a singer and a communicator with a powerful testimony and message to communicate on this VERY important issue of sexuality. He speaks on issues of pornography, our own sexuality, media, same sex attraction issues and most importantly the power of God that works in us!

Contact me here, or Niki at Small House Records, Roundabout’s promo agency to book him.


2 thoughts on “Check This Guy Out!

  1. At this stage it looks like I’ll be chatting to Adrian on-air at 98.5 Sonshine FM around 11:10 a.m. on Thursday the 27th of July. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has to say.

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