ACOM Trip to Kalgoorlie

Just got in last night from Kalgoorlie. It was a brilliant trip. The course got off to a great start on Tuesday morning with Lloyd Irwin at the helm. He was only just okay as he he came down with a massive throat infection on Sunday. But with prayer and medication he was cool!
I preached at the Bapo youth on the Friday night (Where some blind guy was way more friendly with me than appropriate! Trust me, that’s all the details you need to know, but Lloyd got the same treatment…sorry I didn’t warn you mate!)
Lloyd preached at the 2 morning services at KBC and I did the night at COC, no one came running in swinging a sword this time! The 6 from Perth arrived Sunday and Monday nights and we went out Monday evening for the best pizza I have ever experienced…and it was an experience I’m telling you. Next time you go to Kal go to Judds!
I had some great catch ups while there, some good coaching and some good recruiting of students, so it was just dandy! Posted by Picasa


One thought on “ACOM Trip to Kalgoorlie

  1. ahhh yes…Judds…the Apple of Kalgoorlie’s eye…the Jewel in Her Crown…could there be any better word to express our love of Judds except…I draw a blank. Gd to see you’re blogging away mate, was great to have you here. Be Blessed on your journeying bold travelling acom-er.
    Aash 😉

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