Top Ten Aussies of all time

Bulletin have just released the top 100 Australians of all time. I would like to (when I have time!) blog about their top 10. Then blog about the 10 I would have chosen from their list of 100, followed by the top 10 people who have influenced me in my life. This is not nec. a list of my 10 best friends, in fact I may not even know them personally, but you could presume you might know at least some of them personally.

What about you? Who would you say should be in the list of the top 10 Aussies?

Who would be in the list of top ten influencial people in your own life?

Let us all know – come on!


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Aussies of all time

  1. In my life…my Poppa, who:
    1) encouraged me to be passionate about learning,
    2) inspired me to live with loud, all-embracing hospitality,
    3) taught me that “you can achieve far more by being patient and honest than by anything else”
    4) told me to never be intimidated by life’s challenges because I was a strong, smart girl, to use my brain and the Lord would be my helper.

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