One thought on “What is a Martyr?

  1. I love this quote. It’s weird, in the same way that some of my friends share about how they felt during worship at the Hillsong conference I now feel when I read this quote and allow space for the Spirit to open to me the meaning of the cross, while I wait on God in the silence and stillness. The words “Holy is the Lamb” mean very little until the Holy Spirit opens to us the mystery and we ‘feel’ not the words but the reality that not the way of the lion but the way of the lamb conquers all. This is what the prophets and mystics have dared to have revealed to them and have dared to live and proclaim. The earth shakes in the knowledge of a God who conquers evil not through violent but through redemptive love. Holy, Holy, Holy! May this knowledge of the Messiah who conquers not by might, not by power, but by the Spirit of God cover the earth like the waters the seas and end all wars and all oppression in Jesus’ name.

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