Hi Stuart

If you have made it here – WEL DONE!

The is the blog I was tellingyou about. Nothing in it. No one even knows it exists. These things have what are called dashboards where you do all your data entry, changes, agustments etc. Not rocket science.

You can add photos, files, do what you like.

Have fun if you go with it.

ScottTest Picture


2 thoughts on “Hi Stuart

  1. Thanks Scott, I will certainly have a play around when I get settled in back at work and find some time. Things are hectic over here as usual, so I am putting out a few spot fires at the moment.

    I was going to post a picture in this comment box but can’t.


  2. I spent an hour playing with this one last night, I kept changing the picture at the top and the layout. I am thinking that I might start the one about hiking and camping soon.
    Have fun putting out the fires! Managing people would be so much easier if…people were not involved!

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