Lost and Found

Imagine Losing a scooter. I have read stories about people having their scooter stolen, I am guessing it would be a killer!

Ever lost anything valuable?

I was in Fremantle, south of the city of Perth yesterday for some appointments. In the absence of any form of transport, including a scooter, I caught the train. As the train zoomed down the coast I looked out the windows and admired yet another bright sunny, cloudless, scoot-perfect day. I thought about the nice cool winter ride down the stunning West Aussie coast, I would have loved to have been on a scooter today. Actually I would have loved to have been riding down the coast on my yet to exist scooter for more than one reason.

On my return journey I grabbed some emails on my 02 XDAmini phone/pda, read them, responded and then tucked it under my legs to be able to read my book, The Chain of Command. When the train arrived in Perth I was so engrossed in my book, reading about American military incompetence that I realized our train had arrived and I had to jump off to get another train up to my suburb…left my phone on the seat didn’t I!!!

I ran back for it, only to see the train dissapearing off to Midland. I ran in a panic to the security guard who was great, radioed up to the Midland guards to search the train for it. In the mean time I ran my Dad to arrange for transport at the other end as I was borrowing a car for a week from them, I asked if he could ring my mobile phone and see if anyone answered. Then I jumped on the next train for the north. I was so stressed, what was in there? I think I had some passwords recorded in there (I know, you are not supposed to do that!). I think I had a lot of things in there. Over the shelf here in Australia they are about $1900, not something I want to be without right now. Do I cancel the SIM card? Do I cancel everything? I think the battery was almost flat, maybe not enough for someone to gain too much access to all the info…but it could be easily charged with a USB cable. I never put password access on it, spew. I was stressed enough to turn to the person on the train next to me and say, “Do you know, I just left my PDA phone on the last train I was on and I am mad as anything”. The response? “Aghh, you’re stuffed, you can wave goodbye to that, you will never get it back”. Encouraging! Maybe God will hear me! So I begin to pray all the way back on the train, God please let an honest person find my phone, please, please please.

When I get to the train station my Mum was not there yet, I saw 3 50cc Scooters in the parking bays, one of them was the SF50 Rally, a kind of try hard off road attempt…hoooo I digress!

Mum pulled in, she was on the phone to my daughter Mikaela, she handed the phone over, Mikaela says, “Poppa rang the phone and a lady on the train answered it and she ended up giving it to a security man who sent it back to Central, who sent it on to your station and it will be there soon” HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

Once lost – now found, I am a happy man!!

So now, all I missing is a scooter…to ride on…and not stick my phone under my bum on!


2 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Hey dude, lucky mate!!! it’s funny how we always assume the worst in those situations. hmmm wonder what we learn through these times hey scotty? andybloggerhacks…

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