Been Quiet

Yes, I know, who would want to visit a blog that no one writes on. I have been distracted of late, well no, I just have not felt like blogging.
So If I had blogged I would have told you about my 4 things I promised my mentor last Thursday; I would have told you about the book I am reading called Chain of Command; I would have told you about the funeral I am doing in the morning; I would have told you about the wedding I am doing in a couple of months that is challenging me a tad; I would have told you about the fact that I took the girls away for the night last night camping in Jarrahdale in the below freezing temp! True! We woke today with everything frozen, even the face washer the kids left out, and the cup of water! I slept next to the fire in my swag so i was okay, the kids were in the tent, a bit cold for them I think, it would have been a perfect night, we had all the warm gear, all the nice food, and hot chocolate, everything was right…but for one thing, a farm nearby had a party with a LOUD sound system, it started up about 9.30pm and did not stop until around 7am this morning! I kid you not!

Here are some snaps. More here.


2 thoughts on “Been Quiet

  1. You have gorgeous daughters Scott. God is so good. ‘Will keep praying for our ‘adopted nieces’. They are good dancers in the bush too! I think boys like Aidan would be into shooting them with sticks while they danced!

    Love Aunty Susan

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