Little Black Box

You know on your laptop power cable, and a few other electrical devices you have that small black box in the line, I think it’s some kind of transformer to stop the 240v power from the house destroying the smaller supply in the computer.
Well Mike B from COCWA has a laptop and his little black box died. But not to worry, Barry A the boss at COCWA came to the rescue. He whipped up another not so little box for Mike to be able to use his computer still. I walked into Mikes office and saw this monstrosity on his desk and had a ‘what the…?’ reaction. He laughed and invited me to pick it up. It was like 4 or 5 house bricks in weight. Not sure you want to carry one of these around with your laptop everyday!


4 thoughts on “Little Black Box

  1. Michael B is just the sort of bloke to have that on his desk.
    You should have seen the laptop he used to have, Noah used it to keep track of the animals

  2. Why am I constantly mocked for the level of my technology? Honestly, I was at a meeting the other day and got out my “laptop” – ok, it’s actually technically termed a “portable desktop” in that it doesn’t have its own power supply but instead has a box that attaches to the back (not as big as the one in the pic). But I got it out and there were – shock, horrow, sniggers in the group. I wondered – did I comb my hair? Is my fly undone? What are they laughing at? And then it hit me hard – they were laughing at my technology. I felt like a 2nd class citizen.

    Just because my laptop power supply weighs about 10 kg and the lights in the building go down when it switches on! I am still a human being, damnit!

    By the way, Noah did a pretty good job with the animals. The only ones he lost were the dinosaurs.

  3. Do you get the Air Force coming around asking about the strange hum, and huge electrical magnetic fields originating from your office that keeps interfering with their radar?

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