Fat and Skinny, stuck at home

Last night the hand was not as bad as it was on the plane the night before, but it looked good.
Spent the day today sitting reading the Bulletin, a Scooter mag, playing table games with kids and reading stories with Sophie.
Oh they all went out at one stage, so I watched Farenheit 9/11
Stunning, real amazing stuff Moore uncovers hey! So many dodgy ties the Bush administration has, as well as Bush himself, no idea how he got re-elected…well Moore has a theory on that too!

Last night I watched Beyond Borders. A movie that I didn’t see coming. It was a whole lot more serious than I expected from Jolie. I know she has taken up a cause in the third world and all, but lots of wealthy faces do that. But it seems from a breif article I read on the plane that she is serious about making her life count for those in the third world. I guess we can sit and poke fun at famous people doing stuff, like using their name to influence etc, but it is a whole lot more than what I do, and a whole lot more than a heap of other people with equal or more resources than Jolie. Good DVD, grab it.


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