Lamington National Park

To see more photos click Flikr badge bottom left, or click link at bottom of this article to slide show.

After the 4 day ACOM National Conference Neale M and I (as well as Benny Z and a couple from His Church at Whitehill) took off to the stunning World Heritage listed Lamington National Park.
We took 2 pretty much full days to hike the 40+ kms of pristine rainforest. The last day Neale M lead the troop to a hard climb up out of the valley florr at a cracking 5km/h which is a massive pace. Needless to say that after a 4.5 hour flight home on a Virgin flight last night, no movie, no food, no fun, no sleep as I was in pain, that now I sit in so much muscular pain! Well most of my pain come from a hole in my hand from staking it on a branch and a few holes in my feet from blisters and scar tissue lift, which I get on my bad foot. But all this pain was well and truly worth it.
See the full slide show here (It’s about 4-5 minutes, and in my humble opinion there are some top photos in there. I would put on a quite kind of CD and enjoy the journey if I were you)


8 thoughts on “Lamington National Park

  1. Hey mate – had a great time, and your pics are 100% on mine. Thanks for the time, beforehand in planning and while we were trudging…

    Great to share the biodiversity with you.

  2. The biodiversity was second to none, the turkey jerkey was something to be savoured, the company was…smelly, stimulating and splendiferous.
    Thanks for the memories

  3. WOW, so the wholecommunity blog thing extends from Joondalup in the far west to Ipswich in mighty QLD hey!? Top effort lads! I’d lay bets that the comment about it all being smelly as stated by Vawz was more him than you Coach!? You’d agree right? I can sense you nodding as I type. Great pics big Vawz and the close-up of the mushrooms was seriously incredible. Great backlighting and ecologically momentous. Great to be in God’s creation hey. Love ya work, I bet you both had a blast. Great community!!

  4. There is a missing shot…that is s-h-o-t!
    I think it’s better we leave BEHIND that photo.
    What happens in the jungle…stays in the jungle.

  5. ahh well scotty – sorry i didn’t catch u while u were in qld. but with my sprained ankle i have enough trouble trying to walk out of my bedroom for breakfast – let alone go all primal and hike with the big boys…

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