Some years ago I had a car accident leaving me with a huge scar on my foot. When I wear boots it sometimes digs in and opens the scar, this happened last Dec, it got a bit infected and took ages to heal over, and when it did it was always a bit odd in that one spot, skin dry, pealing etc. Once i was picking at it and all this yellow muck came out – yummy!
Anyway I did this hike with it all padded up so it was protected, it was a bit sore but seemed good.
I stabbed my hand on a stick and it quickly swelled up, I thought it may have been a torn muscle from the stick going in (it went deep), but it turns out at the Docs tonight that it’s a massive infection.
I couldn’t get in all day, so I did some admin then get in to Dr at about 5pm. I showed her my massivly swollen balloon hand, she prints out a script and says I had better get on it asap as the infection had spread down my fingers.
I said, “wait till you see my other wound!”
She sees my ankle with muck dripping from it onto my thongs, turns to the printer and rips up the script she had just printed out.
She says, “What is that white bit there?” I tell her that was the scar from when I opened it up in December. She says that it still has puss under it and that I have some kind of staf infection and she puts me into the other room, gives it a full wash down and covers it in stuff and the wraps it up. The gives me ‘mega-drugs’ and tells me not to have it down all weekend, like as in elevate the leg, keep the arm up and don’t go far!!

So much for a weekend with the kids at Bunbury State Youth Games, so much for blessing my stunning wife with a kid free weekend to herself in Perth – Sorry babe!

Here are some yummy shots –


6 thoughts on “Infections

  1. I distinctly remember thinking, “She’ll be right mate – get over it and stop being soft” – oops!

  2. Scott, I feel the need to have some sort of warning about not reading & eating at the same time to introduce posts like this…


  3. You like? I have more…what about a shot of both hands together, one fat and one skinny? OK, here it comes!

  4. Hey Scott,
    That all sounds rather nasty. I hope and pray that you get better soon and that the infections clear up quickly. Take care.
    God bless…

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