7 thoughts on “Remember Pastor Buck

  1. after an absolutely full on morning at the school – CRAZY!!!!! – Pastor Buck was exactly what i needed to put a smile on my face. 24 carat pure gold! It restored my desire for further theological training…

  2. Otherendup – I based his character entirly on a pastor who used to work for Whitford, a guy named Matt!

  3. i heard he felt led to explore puppet ministry some where in siberia. too bad, he seemed like a nice bloke.

  4. “Subliminal”…
    ” Wordsmith”…
    After discovering a hidden vault full of old Puppet gear in our church last Saturday (serious!)I believe this is sign from above( MAYbe not) …

    This is the beginning of the Emerging Puppetry Revolution…

    Viva Le Puppet

    Write a book Pastor Buck…

    Big Dave

  5. The Buck man has a potent point! Puppetry has been seriously underestimated within the christian circles. I for one, have moved to Melbourne to be involved in the Arts Industry, and I’m bitterly disappointed at the lack of Puppetry Passion!!!

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