Host Plug

I have been active of late in the blogosphere and a few people have asked me, “Who does your hosting?”
I have the following sites –

and soon to come

  • My Backyard
  • In The Bush
  • and Churches of Christ WA blog

All these site are and will be hosted by one company. ISpace Networks, Tim Muhl is the man there. I recommend him to you. If you are needing somewhere to relocate your blog to, or wanting to start one up, or set up a website, Tim can help you out at a very good price.
I have worked with Tim for some time now and have seen him build his business from something that needed a few wrinkles ironed out in the early days, to what it is today!

Check it out.


3 thoughts on “Host Plug

  1. Hey
    Thanks for quoting our site.
    Sound like you are doing interestings things.
    Thanks for quoting us!
    Chris and the TC

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