Cleaning my Water Bladder

For those of you who do some hiking you will be familiar with the Camelbak one of the hottest things to be invented since water itself. There have been many imitations but none quite the same as the original. You can drive a truck over it full of water and it wont burst…so they say, I bought the imitation!!
It’s a water bag for hiking, riding – whatever. I have 2 of these, one on loan from Casey who is overseas without it at the moment.
I got it out yesterday, as I am heading off to QLD for a conference and a hike next week. I had left water in it…the drinking tube was black! YUCK!
Christine had a god with scourging it out with a chopstick and that did a bit, but there was still muck in there.
So I used some baking soda. 1 Teaspoon, to a cup of warm water and left it soak for a while. Then some straight lemon juice, they say it takes away the taste of the soda, now I think I wont be leaving IT filled with water again.
They say the place to leave them is with a bit of water still in them in the freezer.
Yummy black mould stuck between my teeth!


2 thoughts on “Cleaning my Water Bladder

  1. Is that my one with the mould? I find the added taste keeps your mind off joint pain during hiking!

  2. Well, looks like I will be suffering next week as I climb the mountains of Lamington National Park in QLD as there is no more mould in your bladder…apart from the stuff that is well and truely stuck!

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