Another Week

Well here it is another week…it looks like winter. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is playing on the computer, rain against the window…lots of work to do this week. ACOM national staff in town, driving around, picking people up, going to meetings talking … stuff – not my idea of a great looking week, the rush, I am over it, I feel anxious when I think of it. Give me the simple life!
Next Saturday night I graduate with a degree in Theology at South Perth Church of Christ, yay!
Only 2 weeks until I leave for QLD for nation ACOM retreat and 2 days hiking in Lamington N.P.


A workshop with William T. Cavanaugh on the 27th of May (Sat) He is an amazing thinker and scholar and speaking on the topic “How to be a Discerning Christian in an Age of Affluenza”

RSVP to TEAR at 9443 5100 or email


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