New Programme Test

I downloaded this programme called Qumana from one of those adds on the side of the page on someones blog. I think it was middos new one called Movies for Ministry. Not a bad concept actually Middo!
But this is my first post using this software. It is especially good if you post to many blogs on different systems (WordPress, Blogger, Typepad etc). I am still getting the hang of it. But it does include tools for people who advertise on their blogs which certainly seems to be
a current trend.
Ads by
But on trying out their advertising in whcih I placed the keywords Motor scooter, Vespa, Moped and scooter, an ad for voip internet phones came up, but I will give it the benifit of the doubt and see where it goes.
Let me try something else out that I have wanted to do for age, a file upload…
Nope somethig about a metaweblog error, well maybe if I was a techi I would know what the heck that was!
What about some code, some html, it says I can stick some of that in…not sure what that is or where the heck I find some…do you get the feeling I know absolutly nothing about web stuff? You are right, then why did I agree to start a blog for Churches of Christ????
So here goes with what I think is html –
…nope stuff all, I think it was an ad…
<script type=”text/javascript”><!–
…deleted the rest of this bit it was all just ad code ()*&(*^*&^%%#

Well that was some kind of code???
No idea what it will look like, a major edit may be instore after I post this test mess!
I have more control over fonts if this actually works. I posted a pic but it went in at full size…like really full! So I will wait and see how that publishes. Well here goes I am about to press the button to send it!!!! And it has a Technorati tags button.
Technorati Tags :

Post script – Here I am on this side of the blog now…The photo did NOT work, it stuffed up the entire page it was so big. So the photo editor is not too good I think, unless I missed something? And I am obviously still learning what the heck I do with an “Insert html” button as that ad did nothing! Just code, but all in all I like. Might use it if it works on Oh stil not sure about the ad up there…what the???


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