Veggi Gardens, Chooks and Long Walks

Mikaela and I walked the walk today!
We walked home from Whitford church to Joondalup via the plant shop to buy some seedlings for our little veggie garden.
The walk took 2 hours, we enjoy each others company lots, she is 10 now and a real young lady…mostly!
We bought cauliflower, Cabbage, brown onion, and a mixture of lettuce, we also have growing from seed some string beans.
The chooks wander around and eat the bugs and leave the plants so we don’t need pellets or sprays, love these chooks.
BUT – I thought we might get 1 egg each a day, but it’s only one egg altogether per day. Not sure of it’s one busy layer and 2 slackers or they are taking it in turns.
I have now let Max the dog and the chooks all free together in the back yard, he loves it, wants to play with them…they are still checking him out. Although they wander up to him now and stare at him, close, like 50cm away, all one big happy suburban farm, The Joondalup hillbillies!


One thought on “Veggi Gardens, Chooks and Long Walks

  1. We had the same issue with “The Girls”… but it turns out that chooks are master egg hiders. After turning the garden upside down, we found the secret stash… 56 eggs. Scott, don’t be fooled. Chooks are very sneaky.

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