Red Dust – Movie

Well this was interesting, I enjoyed it. Matt tells me that In My Country is along the same lines and even better, but I have yet to see it.
Red Dust (Hillary Swank, Jamie Bartlett) follows one of the many claims for Truth and Reconciliation in Post Apartheid South Africa. The racism just gets my blood boiling. It was a great concept set up to heal communities. That if you confess your sins and tell the whole story before the community that you were set free. The big banner hanging in the court room was the slogan for the Truth and reconciliation committee – The Truth Shall Set You Free…heard that before somewhere! Well acted I thought.
There seems to be many more movies coming out lately that deal with some deeper issues in our world, or is it just that I am noticing them more?


2 thoughts on “Red Dust – Movie

  1. yeah i know what you mean – tam made me watch “rumour has it” on saturday night with kevin costner, jennifer anniston and mark ruffalo – deep, deep stuff.

    unfortunately it was so deep, i think i missed the point completely!

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