Fishing and Sea Sickness

Ducked out for an early morning fish! Yes, Hamo was sitting chatting to someone on the coast yesterday looking at how flat the ocean was and decided that instead of meeting me on the land today at 10, we could change the time for a few hours earlier and meet ‘off shore’ and dangle some lines.
Well, lets just say – it was not ‘flat and glassy’ as suggested by my skipper. There were some fish pulled in, but nothing to keep, I think I pulled in the same poor little weed eater twice, he looked up at me with exasperation the second time!

It was not long after that I noticed Hamo looking like he was not handling the swell to good. I asked quietly if he thought we needed to return for coffee on the land. He was very grateful for my suggestion, a little embarrased, humbled, but nevertheless grateful. I know he would have thrown up if I had insisted we remain any longer…poor guy, bit soft around the edges when it comes to sea-sickness I think!


9 thoughts on “Fishing and Sea Sickness

  1. Hammo? The great old man of the sea? surely not ‘me hearties’!!

    Do you have pictures you could post?

  2. Pictures, aghh, NO there are definitly NO pictures, NO evidence WHATSOEVER of Hamo’s sickness, in fact it’s best if you don’t mention it to him, you know Hamo…he may come back with some other story to cover his pride, he would no doubt even go as far as to suggest it was me who was sick…ha, what a joker!

  3. Vawz, what a ridiculous suggestion to even infer that you would have got sick instead of Hamo ! Not even the mightiest swells could humble the mighty man. …as for Hamo…

  4. Hamo, not sure what you might be saying!! Are you suggesting…oh no, are you saying that I was the sick one???Gasp!!

  5. vawz – what will you do will all your sermon illustrations that have to do with being a master of sailing, if any baseless rumours of you being sea sick get out???

    you could be relegated to the long line of preachers who start all their sermons with, “when i was a boy…”

  6. I cant believe I’ve been duped!
    Hamo has had dispersions cast upon him, and Scott needs some new jocks!

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